Reorder Employees in a Reporting Group


Pingboard automatically sorts Direct Reporting groups alphabetically based on Job Title, then Name. If you need to sort positions in a more specific order, Admins can reorder a group of Direct Reports by dragging and dropping cards into place.

To reorder cards in a reporting group, click and drag any card to its new position on the Org Chart - blue lines will appear to indicate where the card you’re moving will be repositioned

You can also use our Reorder tool to sort a group of Direct Reports:

  1. Click More (...) in the top-right corner of an Employee's card and select Reorder
  2. Drag-and-drop profiles to re-order the cards in the Employee's reporting group
  3. Click Save and view your changes

To change a group's sort order back to default settings, follow the first two steps above and choose Reset Sort Order.

Note Any changes you make to your Org Chart's display settings will be seen by everyone in the company.

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