Reorder Employees in a Reporting Group


Pingboard automatically sorts direct reporting groups alphabetically based on job title, then name. If you need to sort positions in a more specific order, Admins can reorder a group of direct reports by dragging and dropping cards into place.

To reorder cards in a reporting group, click and drag any card to its new position on the org chart - blue lines will appear to indicate where the card you’re moving will be repositioned

You can also use our Reorder tool to sort a group of direct reports:

  1. Select More (...) in the top-right corner of an employee's card, then Reorder.
  2. Drag-and-drop profiles to reorder the cards in the employee's reporting group.
  3. Hit Save and view your changes.

To change a group's sort order back to default settings, follow the first two steps above and choose Reset Sort Order.

Note: Any changes you make to your org chart's display settings will be seen by everyone in the company.

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