Need to cancel? We'll be sad to see you go, but we hope you had a great time while you were with us!

If you're an Admin on a Paid plan, you can request to cancel from your Billing page under the Account menu.

  1. Sign in to Pingboard.
  2. Click Account and select Billing & Plans.
  3. Click on Edit My Plan.
  4. Under Reason, choose I'd like to downgrade my plan.
  5. Add details about why you wish to cancel. We always appreciate hearing what you liked, what you didn't like, and what we could have done better.
  6. Click Send Request


We require 30 days’ notice prior to renewal for cancellations, and your scheduled cancellation date will be listed in bold on the downgrade modal.

If you have any questions about cancelling, please have your account owner contact us for help.


Still need help? Let us know.