Set Up Single Sign-on for Microsoft Azure

Configuring and enabling single sign-on for Azure AD allows users to sign into Pingboard using the same credentials they use to sign in to Microsoft services for your company.

From your Azure AD Management Portal, select the Pingboard application you previously installed, then click Single sign-on under "Manage".

In Azure AD:


  1. For Method, select SAML
  2. Under Pingboard Domains and URLs, copy and paste the following URLs into the matching fields:
    Reply URL
    (For example:
  3. Change User Identifier to user.mail
  4. Click "Save" to save the changes you've made so far
  5. Under SAML Signing Certificate, click Metadata XML to download your customized SAML metadata file – we'll paste this data into Pingboard later, so go ahead and open the downloaded file in Notepad (or TextEdit if you're on a Mac)

Once you've got your Metadata XML file open, sign into your Pingboard account to finish your setup.

In Pingboard:

  1. Click Admin and select Add-Ons
  2. Click Browse, find and select Microsoft Azure integration, then click Enable
  3. Select Configure
  4. Copy the text from your opened Metadata XML file and paste it into the Metadata XML field in Pingboard – make sure you paste every single character into this field, it's what Pingboard and Azure AD will use to make sure that they can talk to each other when verifying your users


Once you've pasted your XML into Pingboard, our system will verify it to make sure it's correct. Congratulations, you've finished your SSO setup for Azure AD!

Test your integration by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Pingboard Enterprise Application in your AD portal (Active Directory > Enterprise Applications > Pingboard)
  2. Select Users and Groups from the menu on the left
  3. Click Add User
  4. Select Users & Groups from the menu on the left, search for your name and click on it when it appears
  5. Click Select at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click Assign
  7. In Pingboard, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select Sign Out
  8. Choose Sign in with Azure on the login page to make sure that authentication is successful

That's it! Your Azure/Office 365 Single Sing-On setup is complete. If you'd also like to sync employees profiles from Azure AD, scroll down and select the next step.

Tip If the XML verification check shows you an error, it most likely means you missed a character or two when copying and pasting your Metadata XML text from Notepad (or TextEdit) to Pingboard. Try copying/pasting again and, if that doesn't work, let us know and we'll step in to help.


  • Emails in the Email field in Pingboard must match user email addresses in Azure AD in order for Azure SSO to work – if you're unable to sign in through Azure after you've set up SSO, check to make sure your email address is correct in both services.
  • Once you've set up SSO for Azure AD and confirmed it's working, we recommend turning off Pingboard's native username/password sign-in option. Drop us a line and we'll disable it.

Still need help? Let us know.