Download and Print your Org Chart

Pingboard makes printing and sharing your Org Chart easy by allowing you to download your entire chart or selected sections as a PDF or PNG file. To download your Org Chart, click the Download button on the Org Chart page.




Org Charts for larger companies sometimes include too many roles to fit on a single page. In those cases, sharing access to your interactive Org Chart is a great solution that.

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Otherwise, you can use the Start With and Levels options to print your Org Chart in sections across multiple pages:

  1. Click the Download button on the Org Chart page
  2. Click the Remove (-) button next to the person in the Start With section, type in a name and make a new selection
  3. Use the Levels to Include drop-down to limit the number of layers to include underneath the head of the section to make sure not too many people wind up on a single page
  4. Repeat this process until you have the entire Org Chart across multiple downloads/printouts

Note Dotted Lines are not currently displayed on Org Chart exports.

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