Pingboard makes printing and sharing your Org Chart easy by allowing you to download your entire chart or selected sections as a PDF or PNG file. To download your Org Chart, go to the top right of your Org Chart and click the button with the Printer icon, and then select Save Image from the dropdown options. 


Org Charts for larger companies sometimes include too many roles to fit on a single page. In those cases, sharing access to your interactive Live Org Chart is a great solution.

Share your Org Chart with people outside of your account

Otherwise, you can use the Start With, Levels, and formatting options to automatically export your Org Chart across multiple pages or choose specific sections of your chart to download:

  1. On your Org Chart, select the button with the Printer Icon, and select the Save Image option
  2. To start with someone other than the head of your organization, use the Start With the dropdown menu to select the person whose section of the Org Chart you'd like to export
  3. Use the Show dropdown to limit the number of layers to include underneath the head of the section
  4. Choose Split onto multiple pages to split your selection across multiple pages (recommended for best readability), or select Fit on a single page
  5. Choose your file type (PNG for presentations, PDF for printing)
  6. Add a title for your download (this is optional and will be shown in the upper-left corner of your download



Edit your extra options:

  1. Select Show Reporting Chain to include a compact version of leaders above the top person on each page of your downloads
  2. Select Show employee info to display employee info, including names, photos, and other selected custom fields. Select photos to include employee photos on cards in your downloaded file.
  3. Select Show field color labels to display color-coding on Custom Fields as they're shown on the Live Org Chart
Note: Dotted Lines are not currently displayed on Org Chart exports.

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