What does the Slack integration do?

Pingboard's Slack integration is available on the Team and Company plans.

When you activate the Slack integration for Pingboard, Slack usernames are displayed in Pingboard Profiles. Selecting a person's Slack username from their Pingboard profile will open Slack and prompt you to send them a direct message. Enable the Slack integration from the Add-Ons page in Pingboard (Admin > Add-Ons > Browse > Slack).

screenshot of Slack notification options in Pingboard

You can also sync with Slack to post different kinds of Pingboard notifications to different channels of your choice, including:

  • A summary of today's status updates including Company Holidays (posted at 8 AM local time) and live updates for newly created statuses happening today.
  • A summary of today's celebrations like birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hires (similar to what's in the This Week email).
  • Live updates when an employee receives Applause, and a slash-command ("/applaud") to give someone applause in Pingboard from within your Slack workspace.
Slack Integration

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