Add Shared Roles

Shared Roles represent positions shared by two people on your Org Chart.

To add people to a Shared Role, click the + button on the card above the shared role and select "Add Direct Report". In the "Who is in this role" box, enter and select the name of the first person who shares the role, then click the + button to the right of their name and repeat the process. You can add a Job Title for the shared role in the Role Title section.

You can also add a second person to an existing role by clicking "Edit" on the existing role's card and adding an additional person to that card. Shared Roles share both their Manager and Direct Reports. 



For now, Shared Roles can only be created manually in Pingboard from the Org Chart page – we'll be adding support for assigning Assistant Roles via CSV import or synced services in the future.

Tip Since cards for Shared Roles on the Org Chart have their own separate Role Title, individual Job Titles for people in that role won't be shown on the card. Individual Job Titles for people in shared roles will still be displayed on their profile pages in the Directory.

Note When you move someone who has Direct Reports or Assistants elsewhere in the org chart into a Shared Role, their former position will be replaced with a Placeholder, leaving the Direct Reports and Assistants in place.

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