Add Assistant Roles

Assistant roles appear in-between a manager and their Direct Reports, displayed off to the side to show their proximity to the people they assist without giving the impression that they report at a higher level than the manager's Direct Reports.

To add a person in an Assistant Role to your Org Chart:

  1. Click Edit to enter edit mode
  2. Hover over their manager's card and click the Add (+) button, choose Assistant
  3. In the Role Editor on the right, search for and select the Assistant




If an Assistant assists multiple people on your chart, simply repeat the process to connect them to each person they assist.

Keep in mind that while a person can appear on the Org Chart in an Assistant Role in multiple places, they can still only have a Direct Report relationship to a single person. Searching the Org Chart for someone in an Assistant Role will point to their Direct Report relationship first.

For now, Assistant Roles can only be created manually in Pingboard from the Org Chart page and cannot be imported or synced.

Note Assistant roles cannot have Direct Reports or Assistants of their own underneath them.

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