What are Surveys and how do they work?

Pingboard’s Survey tool makes it easy for your company to measure employee engagement, gather continuous feedback, and effectively maintain a culture of transparency and empowerment.

Broadly speaking, Surveys reveal what your employees think about what it’s like to work at your company. They can uncover problem areas that might otherwise stay hidden and give a company a sense of how they’re improving over time (or not).

Encouraging your employees to express their ideas and needs through Surveys makes them feel valued and fulfilled, staves off employee burnout, and results in higher retention rates.

How do they work? 

Only Admins can create and edit Surveys in Pingboard. After activating Surveys in the Add-Ons section under Account, every Admin will see the Survey link in their top-navigation menu. From this page, you’ll be able to create a new Survey from scratch or by using one of our templates. You’ll also be able to see all Active, Closed, and Draft Surveys.

Once a Survey is completed and sent out, recipients will receive an email with a link that takes them to Pingboard to complete the survey. Recipients will see any survey you’ve sent that hasn’t been completed from the Your Surveys tile on their company home page. Pingboard sends a reminder to recipients who haven't completed the survey two days before it ends.

Before completing a Survey, employees will be informed on whether their responses are anonymous or not. Upon completion of a Survey, employees can indicate whether they’re interested in seeing the results. Both of these options can be found under the Settings tab when creating a Survey.



Admins can view Survey results in real time by navigating to the Surveys page and clicking the Results button next to an active Survey. Pingboard will send the Admins of your account an email when a Survey has closed to let them know that the final results are ready. 

Results can be exported as a CSV file both while the Survey is active as well as after it has closed.

Starting a Survey

To start a new Survey, begin by selecting +Start from Scratch or by clicking on one of our suggested templates: eNPS, Engagement, and Onboarding. When a template is selected, we’ll populate your survey with the appropriate title and questions. Templates can be used as-is, or you can use them for guidance and customize as needed. 

Unsure which survey type is right for each situation? Check out our best practices on eNPS, Pulse, and Engagement Surveys article. 

Next, you’ll be taken to the Questions page, where you’ll begin by providing a Title (if starting from scratch) and Purpose for your Survey. You’ll also see separate tabs for the Participants, Settings, and Preview & Publish pages. You can move through these pages in order by clicking Next at the bottom of the screen, click on the tabs to move in-between pages, or hit Save at any time if you’d like to save your progress and create a draft.


If you start a Survey from a template, this page will be pre-filled with questions. Both templates and Surveys started from scratch will also have a Question Bank on the left-hand side for you to choose from if you need help getting started.

You will be given the option to make each question required. To rearrange the order of your questions, simply drag and drop them into place.


There are 3 types of response configurations: Free Text, Select, and Sliding Scale

  • Free Text allows participants to provide their own responses. There is a 250 character limit for these responses, or you have the option to allow longer responses.


  • Select gives participants up to 10 pre-filled selections from which to choose from, with the option to set the question up as multiple choice.


  • Rating Scale responses are used to represent a participant’s level of Agreement or Satisfaction on a linear scale. You can also include corresponding emojis next to the responses.



The Participants page is where you’ll choose who your Survey will be sent to. You can choose to send your Survey out to the entire company, or select specific people or groups.



The Settings page is where you’ll set up your Survey’s anonymity settings, its start/end dates, and whether or not you’d like to include a question that gauges interest in seeing the results.

Note: To protect the anonymity of employees’ responses, anonymous results are not visible unless there are 5+ responses to aggregate together.

Preview & Publish

After completing Survey setup, the final Preview & Publish page will show you a detailed summary of your Survey selections:

  • Number of questions and estimated time to complete
  • Anonymity (if responses are anonymous or not)
  • Number of participants and information about who those participants are
  • The timeframe for how long your survey is open before it closes and recipients can no longer respond

You’ll also be given the option to edit any of these selections if you want to make changes.

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